SexyCyborg 3D Prints the Perfect Hacker High Heels

A Chinese hacker created pumps with a secret pen-test kit hidden inside.

by Annie Armstrong
Aug 24 2015, 2:50pm

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There’s something particularly badass about female assassins. Now, with Chinese hacker SexyCyborg in our midst, this archetype is translated into the tech community. Complete with a built-in penetration kit, her Wu Ying Shoes are the 3D-printed high heels of your servers' nightmares: each shoe has a drawer in the wedge that can be easily slid out without taking the shoes off, for optimal timing the next time you need to hack a corporate facility. The drawers contain a USB keystroke recorder, a retractable ethernet cable, a “shim for opening padlocks,” a lock-pick, a pen testing drop box, and a wireless router.

SexyCyborg drew from Wong Fei Hung's “shadowless kick” for her inspiration, the blindingly swift-kick that the fabled martial artist used while distracting opponents. According to her original post, “With my shadowless shoes I distract the target with my... upper body and they don’t see the real danger on my feet.”

See more of SexyCyborg’s mischeivous inventions on her Imgur here, and click here to check out her original post. 

Via The Register


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