Dalí's Recipes and 9 Other Art Books that Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

There's a book in here for every one of your weird friends.
December 19, 2016, 3:45pmUpdated on January 4, 2017, 3:08pm
Courtesy Taschen

If you're reading this, it's too late to get your loved ones the gift of their dreams. Instead, give the gift of someone else's dreams made real, i.e., a book. This selection ranges in price from about $20 to $600, depending on your budget and how much you want to impress your recipient. It also blends brand new reprints of rare old books and photos with fresh-of-the-presses work by contemporary artists. From Salvador Dalí's tome of surreal recipes to an oral history of the Polaroid camera to a compendium of Magic, The Gathering trivia, this ensemble of nine art books has something for everyone.

For the foodie: Salvador Dalí's erotic cookbook, Les diners de Gala, $59.99

Courtesy Taschen

Learn more here.

For the punk: My Ramones by Danny Fields, $50

"When the shooting began, the four Ramones wore their leather jackets; Tommy was the first to shed his, then after a Ramones-style 8-second intermission, Dee Dee and then Johnny got into T-shirt mode for the final four songs—Joey kept his jacket on the whole time." Image courtesy Danny Fields

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For the photographer: Polaroid: The Magic Material by Florian Kaps, $24.69

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For the drone-obssessed: Drone photography book, Overview, $25.96

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Learn more here.

For the architecture lover: MOS: Selected Works by "willfully strange" architects Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample, $40

Pavilion No. 1, Puppet Theater. Image courtesy Florian Holzherr and Michael Vahrenwald

Learn more here.

For the eccentric: Salami Dreamin', a print book of Grandma-themed pop art by Michelle Macguire, $600

Learn more here.

For the conspiracy theorist: Flying Saucers Are Real!, a UFO art book by Jack Womack, $40

Norman, R - A Pictoral Tour Of Unarius  - PG 3

Learn more here.

For the proud nerd: The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar by James Wyatt, $39.99

Pages from 'Art of Magic.' Illustrations by Michael Komarck. Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Learn more here.

For the builder: The Lego Christmas Ornament Book by Chris McVeigh, $19.95

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