Finally, Tech Solves Watching Cat Videos' Biggest Problem

'Cat Shake' solves problems we never even meow we had.
July 23, 2015, 9:00pmUpdated on July 27, 2015, 12:24pm
Images courtesy the artist

It's by no means hard to find good cat videos these days—there's even an official cat video film festival—but our inherently high-stress media jobs drive us to constantly seek more efficient ways to mainline fluffballs into our jaded subconciouses. A new app called Cat Shake might be the most low-energy, high-reward source for adorable videos of cats trying to interact with humans, boxes, other cats, and everything else in this crazy world that they have no evolutionary business knowing how to react to.

With Cat Shake, software company Burning Flowers, who are also responsible for the hyper-addicting Make It Rain game, have solved both frustrating video buffering times and the necessity of typing in new search terms for new kinds of cat videos. Just load the app, shake your phone, and your screen will spew a growing library of fresh kitty vids, then display classic cat GIFs while the next one loads so you're never stuck waiting for you next feline fix. Voila, cat magnifique.

Download Cat Shake from the App Store here, and see a simulation of it in action on the official website.


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