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VIOLENCE Divines Tarot and Terror in Their Foreboding New Video

The clip for "A Hierarchy of Principles" comes in advance of a release for NON of the same name.

by Colin Joyce
Apr 27 2016, 2:23pm

Since 2010, the Baltimore-raised producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Olin Caprison has been operating under an eye-catching name, VIOLENCE, and crafting brash, battered, and buoyant tracks to match such a moniker. Their most notable compositions are bruised spoken word and shapeshifting noise tracks that toe the line between the two scene figures who've given Caprison the most illustriousshine: Total Freedom (who included an early VIOLENCE track on the outstanding compilation Blasting Voice) and Mykki Blanco (who chose three twisted songs for inclusion on a comp called C-ORE). As you might expect, the tracks feel radical in both their aesthetics and content, which makes NON Worldwide a fitting home for their next warped release full length, due out this summer.

NON announced the record last week with a single called "I Write Letters Letters To You Everyday And Burn Them In Fires Of My Pride," but today they're sharing a clip for "A Hierarchy of Principles," a more subdued track with a foreboding animation to match. In the clip, a ship full of swords sits and stews in an otherworldly ocean, conjuring terror out of its stillness and its sickly color palette. Caprison tells THUMP that the video is meant to echo a tarot deck's six of swords card, "an image of a woman and child being ferried to a new land, a new dawn." But before you think that's too hopeful for a track this prickly, Caprison explains that their animation of the card is a little more complicated.

"My illustration of it shows a gaunt woman with a man in a boat that is swaying, adrift but stationary," Caprison writes. "There is no real movement, the waters that surround them swirl and stop. They hide from the sun; even the moon's light is too bright. She is veiled. In this sea these two humans are aloft, capable of progress, but instead the veiled woman tilts her head toward the murk darkened sky, and the male stares through the boat, mired. They are surrounded by swords, repositories for the memories that plague them. Ahead, where they would be going if they had the resolve, if the journey had undeniable teleological truth, is the monumental memento mori, of which they will have to pass in order to get to the society that awaits in the distance. The cityscapes that line the horizon, also submerged, mysterious, occulted into an unknowable darkness, are a reflection of the format. The loop is the whole story, they have no end and no progress."

Watch the clip up above.

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