Watch Moby Discuss His Father's Death with a Psychic

'Are you sure we haven't met before?' asks the producer.
September 16, 2016, 8:53pm

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

is an odd little show on E! in which a cheerful young Los Angeles-based psychic communes with the other side of the veil to glean insight into the lives of his celebrity guests. Moby appeared on an episode that aired on September 14, and in a clip from the show, Henry gives him a reading that leaves him speechless. The snipped starts with the psychic correctly guessing that the producer's father is connected to the state of New Jersey, then that his name was James, and finally that the producer's relationship with his father is colored by the presence of death. Moby can only gape, before asking, "Are you sure we haven't met before?" Then Henry drops the clincher: he mentions that he suspects there was a history of alcoholism involved.

Choking back tears, Moby recalls: "My father died when I was two, and my father died very drunk, cause he was an alcoholic, and he died in a car accident while he was driving." Spooky stuff, though skeptical heads should keep in mind Rolling Stone's observation that Moby's father's death had been previously reported.

Check out the clip below.