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David Marston's Remix of Soul Clap's "Numb (feat. Ebony Houston)" Is a Dazzling Downtempo Delight

Local trumpet crooner Aquiles Navarro and producer Miles Karp adds some additional flavor to the duo's recent album cut.

by David Garber
Feb 9 2017, 10:25pm

Following the release of their self-titled album in October, Boston-via-Brooklyn duo Soul Clap has recruited a number of artists from in an around their Crew Love universe collective to lay down a variety of genre-spanning remixes via a series of EPs. Alongside artists like Doc Martin and Mahogani Music's Obas Nenor, the pair is releasing a remix from Jamaica-bred, Brooklyn based producer and DJ David Marston, guitarist Myles Karp, and local trumpet crooner, Aquiles Navarro. The trio lend their talents to the album cut "Numb feat. Ebony Houston", and the result sounds like an intimate, hometown jam session. The track gently revolves around a melange of Navarro's soothing trumpet arpeggios and loops of Houston's meditative singing, as well as downtempo clicks and clacks provided by Karp and Marston.

"Part of the fun of releasing an album is getting producers you love to remix the songs and hearing them in new ways," says Soul Clap over email about the mix. "We're always especially excited to hear our Crew Love collective re-interpret our music—on this remix, one of our newest Crew members, David Marston, brings his signature honeyed sound and organic beats, complimented by collaborators Miles Karp on guitar and Aquiles Navarro (also known for his work with Midnight Magic) on trumpet. The result is a beautiful, contemplative, and joyful vibe." We can't help but agree; check it out below.