Dekmantel Will Drop a New Three-Part EP from Matrixxman

The first EP will focus on drumming and drops October 24.

Sep 25 2016, 7:29pm

Dutch label Dekmantel will release San Francisco producer Matrixxman's new EP in three sections: Sector I: Rhythm, Sector II: Acid and Sector III: Polyphony. Each section will be released as a 12-inch. According to Dekmantel, the producer aims to, "explore the range within the confines of a particular limitation."

Sector I: Rhythm is a four-track EP that will focus on drumming. "Just because a track is entirely composed of drums does not mean it has to be lifeless or devoid of feeling," Dekmantel said. "Given the right approach, drums can be symphonic and even tell an exciting tale in their own right." Sector III: Polyphony is a study of the concept of polysynthesis.

Sector I: Rhythm drops October 24. Stream a preview of Sector I: Rhythm below and pre-order it here.

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