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Stream: Shine 2009 - "Me & U"

If this Mediterranean sunlight-drenched song doesn't make you happy, nothing will.

by Graham Tucker
Oct 7 2013, 7:00pm

Contrary to popular belief, "Balearic beat," "bliss pop," and the other dubious microgenres used to describe Air France didn't die with their last Tumblr post. Nor were they sent to the Fader Fort archives on a burning ship. No, the sounds just floated on a ferry from Sweden to Finland. Helsinki-based duo Shine 2009 picks up where Air France left off, stepping into the Mediterranean sunlight with their second album, Our Nation.

Shine 2009's Sami Suova and Mikko Pykari were the first to be signed to the well-manicured boutique label Cascine in 2010. Their first single "So Free" had Paula Abdul inexplicably on vocals, and their debut album, Realism, was riddled with 90s house piano buildups and textured drums, looking farther back than Shine 2009's intentionally time-stamped name would suggest.

Contrary to its nationalist-leaning name and album art (a collection of things Finnish people love), Our Nation is a loosely themed, tongue-in-cheek tribute to Finland's membership in the EU. "Me & U" is the final track, and it'll thaw even the coldest Nordic native with warm, rising synth lines and textured drum 'n' bass loops. Part Manchurian nostalgia and part what Sarah Cracknell would listen to while hungover at brunch, the song is one hell of a finish (no pun intended) to the album.

Our Nation is out October 15th on Cascine in North America and Modular Records everywhere else. Shine 2009 will also be supporting Cut Copy on their European tour this fall.