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Celebrate International Women's Day With this All Female Cover of a Chicago House Classic

Nightwave, Debonair and more have teamed up to raise money for Equality Now.

by THUMP Staff
Mar 8 2016, 2:47pm

Putting three good things together is more often that not a really good idea. Bacon double cheeseburgers, for example, are fantastic, as if fish, chips and curry sauce. So, obviously, a cover of Mike Dunn's seminal "So Let It Be House" by a bunch of some of the sickest producers around, recorded for charity was always going to be just as good, or if not better, than a snakebite and black.

Produced by Violet and Elles, and featuring Nightwave, Debonair, Alinka, Coco Solid and A.M.O.R on vocals, it's probably the best charity record since...well, there's never been a good charity record before has there? All profits from the record, which you can buy here on Bandcamp, are going straight to Equality Now, an NGO that is fighting for gender equality around the globe. So go out and buy it now!

If you want to sample the tune before you sling them some cash, check it out below:

Don't forget to head here and donate whatever you can to Equality.

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