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Spada Synthesizes Addicting Piano House out of Max Frost's "Withdrawal"

Atlantic Records will release 'Withdrawal Remixes' this Friday.

by Alexander Iadarola
May 26 2016, 3:15pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

When Austin-based artist Max Frost wrote the original version of "Withdrawal"—with all its smoky, vintage rock styling—it's unlikely he thought, "this will most likely be turned into anthemic piano house one day." Yet here we are: for the upcoming Withdrawal Remixes EP, Prague producer Spada has done just that, emphasizing the analog vibe of the original with his own array of organic instrumentation—horns, hand-struck drums, those pianos of course—but rewiring it with a club-ready sense of urgency.

"'Withdrawal' was a song I wrote to someone else's track, so I was fascinated to hear another creator's reinterpretation," said Frost to THUMP via email. "I think that the Spada remix puts the song farthest in a new context. It feels like a totally different song to me, in a good way." Spada also shared his thoughts, offering: "I enjoyed working on this track a lot, it is so insane and I am totally 'intoxicated' with Max Frost's vocals."

Withdrawal Remixes will be out this Friday May 27 on Atlantic Records.

Spada's deep house hit "Sun Sun Sun" took on a whole new life as "Catchfire" when Anna Leyne sent him a mesmerizing vocal demo, causing the track to get a whole new re-release.

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