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​DJ Sega's New EP Pays Tribute to Rap Heroes Who've Passed On to the Next Life

The Philly kid flipped a grip of hip-hop classics into hardcore club tunes on his new release.

by THUMP Staff
Nov 2 2015, 2:45pm

We've put in work covering the new crop of Jersey club producers here at THUMP (did you see our documentary series?). But let us not forget its close cousin over in the City of Brotherly Love, a that's often a little faster in tempo and even more bombastic—as Adam Schwarz explained in his THUMP article about the East Coast's regional club genres.

DJ Sega, lest you forget, is the Prince of Philly Club, and he's back with a new EP, A.L.I.V.E, for the Australian label Wile Out. The cheeky six-track release is free for download, and makes liberal use of samples from rappers who have since passed on to the next life: Nate Dogg, Tupac, Biggie, ODB.
Be warned: dropping one of these absolute flaming bangers at the club will almost certainly account for a drastic rise in temperature and a sudden shedding of clothing.

"I mean what do you do after being signed to a label that everyone wishes they were signed to?" Sega explained to THUMP via email. "Or signed by the man everybody wishes they were signed by? If I'm past that already, I can only imagine what's next. I'm looking forward to the release of the A.L.I.V.E EP. I have many new ideas that goes beyond music. And until I find the right partner that's going to take my work and I to the next level, I'll be conducting quite a bit of interesting moves on my own. And after everything so far, I'm sure you know by now that anything can happen with me." Stream the release below, and download it in full via Toneden.

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