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Universal Everything Creates Lush Fiber Optic Trees Grown From Code

The animation Family Trees shows a cluster of trees sprouting from nothingness.

by Kevin Holmes
Feb 12 2013, 4:55pm

Last year, Matt Pyke and Universal Everything created a series of video sculptures for the Hyundai Vision Hall in South Korea. These eloquent animations were displayed on a giant screen (25m wide by 3.9m high) and featured intricate and abstract motion graphics that included a dancer trailing a spectacular pattern in the animation Made By Humans, and 1000 FPS footage of molten metal in Primal Creation: Planet.

Today we present the third animation from the series, Family Trees, which shows colorful trees sprouting from the ground and branching out into luscious codified foliage. Matt Pyke said they were created using Houdini software with procedural animation used to grow the branches using code.

As with the other animations, this piece abstracts the processes behind Hyundai’s manufacturing methods, giving them a poetic form. “As the trees flourish, the camera zooms into the tip of a branch, a new tree grows from this tip—this is a metaphor for the process of resource circulation (the infinite recycling of resources applied by Hyundai),” explains Pyke.

Since the screens are so large, Pyke says they made sure the trees appeared life-size, and it also meant the piece could be experienced in two different ways. “The ultra-high resolution of the screen allowed the film to work at two levels—from a distance, you see a cluster of five trees, from close up, you see the fine details of the fiber optic branches.”

You can watch the other two animations in this series below…

And, if you haven’t already, watch our video on Matt Pyke to find out more about the work of Universal Everything.


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