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Virtual Painting Gets A Little More Real With A Stylus Brush

Sensu Stylus mimics the feel and action of a real paint brush.

by Abdullah Saeed
Apr 26 2012, 6:02pm

If you grew up with a Paint application on your household computer, you’re well aware of the limitations of digital drawing. Despite the software’s attempt at recreating the art-making experience, only being able to paint in a solid black line of various thicknesses isn’t exactly going to turn you into the next Van Gogh. Thankfully, technology has finally caught up to the delicate art of painting with the Sensu Brush, a utensil that mimics the feel and action of a real paintbrush and paints like one too.

Now you can create compositions the way you would paint on canvas, except you can color-fill, erase your mistakes, and you’ll never get multicolored flecks all over your clothes. However, unless you’ve got a gigantic iPad, you’re stuck with one canvas size. That’s still plenty of room though! Let’s hope you come up with something more interesting to draw than a pint glass.

[via Core77]


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