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The Creators Project: San Francisco Installation Preview

A preview of the interactive pieces in store for this weekend.

by The Creators Project Staff
Mar 16 2012, 7:18pm

Photo Credit: James Medcraft

Tomorrow at Fort Mason we’ll be kicking off day one of The Creators Project: San Francisco. Among the technological eye and ear candy planned, we’ll be showing installations from Creators like SuperUber, Chris Milk, and Sosolimited, alongside a few pieces we exhibited in New York last October.

You can watch our videos on United Visual Artists and Scanner‘s Origin, Life on Mars Revisited by David Bowie, Mick Rock and Barney Clay, Meditation by Minha Yang, and Strata #4 by Quayola online already, but here’s a quick rundown of the interactive pieces that will be experienced at our events for the first time this weekend. Make sure to tag your Instagram photos #creators, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

by SuperUber

OctoCloud is a interactive sculpture and multi-player game developed for The Creators Project by Brazilian creative atelier and tech lab, SuperUber. Bringing mobile apps to life in a physical space, it allows users to control a virtual slingshot via mobile devices, flinging "arrows" that activate the installation's designs. Up to eight players can compete to trigger the sculpture's projected animations, and the friendly rivalry makes this installation one of the most fun art experiences you're likely to have today. OctoCloud is a study of minimalist, multi-player interaction, and will be making its US debut.

The Treachery of Sanctuary
by Chris Milk

Experimental filmmaker Chris Milk was the mastermind behind the installation Summer into Dust, AKA Arcade Fire's epic ball drop at Coachella last year, as well as their groundbreaking interactive music video for "Wilderness Downtown" (developed with fellow Creator Aaron Koblin). Milk's latest project, The Treachery of Sanctuary, is a Creators Project-produced, large-scale interactive triptych that makes its debut in San Francisco. Viewers power and control the installation with the help of motion-sensing Kinects, making their way through three transformative experiences of flight.

by Sosolimited

Overscan is television like you've never seen it before. Developed by data-loving Cambridge-based design studio Sosolimited, this video artwork is like Big Brother personified—perpetually watching, deconstructing, and transforming a live television broadcast. Composed of five screens, the leftmost screen displays the original TV footage, while the remaining four screens cycle through a series of visual and typographic transformations. Custom software searches for patterns in the video and the closed caption feed is extracted and analyzed with language processing software to reveal the emotional and thematic layers of the broadcast. Sports fans, catch your March Madness action here.

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