Here Is the New Shoes Video

The world premiere of "Time To Dance" finds Jake Gyllenhaal on a psychotic killing spree.

Mar 12 2012, 5:05pm

Modern fencing is a gentleman’s sport, and its practitioners are meant to strive for ideals of grace and balance. Which is to say, it would be sort of frowned upon for a fencer to use his or her weapon to embark upon a brutal killing spree.

In the Shoes’ new video for “Time To Dance,” a psychotic killing machine (played by dreamy heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal) mercilessly stalks through London clubs and parties leaving a trail of gore behind him for no apparent reason. This uplifting tale of goodwill and redemption was directed by Daniel Wolfe, and is set to the Shoes’ keyed-up, white horse electro.

The track is an extract from their debut record Crack My Bones, which came out last year on Gum Labelyou can pick up a copy at their website, or grab the album online right here.

Like the Shoes? We shot a documentary with them last year—you can watch it here.