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Kern's Girl of the Week - Cece

Cece is a Parisian who has no problem washing her big boobs in the sink just like Susan Sarandon.

by Andy Capper
Sep 28 2011, 12:00am

Every week Richard Kern invites us to his L.E.S. apartment where we go through a huge box of archival photographs from his long and checkered career. Today’s featured model is Cece, a Parisian who has no problem washing her big boobs in the sink just like Susan Sarandon.

VICE: Who do we have here?
Richard: I think I called her Cece.

And she likes to wash her boobs in the sink.
Yeah. This was real. She came to a casting for Shot By Kern in Paris. She had just started working at VICE as an intern, and her boyfriend said, “Hey, why don’t you go to this?” She showed up at the casting and I was like—you know, my jaw dropped when I saw her boobs. The video we shot was really incredible. Unfortunately, Shot By Kern got the video, not me. [laughs] Why didn’t I shoot it? Well, I might have shot two minutes of it. Fuck, why didn’t I shoot more? Anyway, she’s a girl who—I was just thinking I’d go back to Paris just to shoot her. She was so good. I got so much good stuff out of her. And she didn’t give a fuck.

This was unprompted? The washing of the boobs in the sink?
No. I said, “Hey, you’ve got these great big boobs, can you wash them in the sink?” There’s a scene in Atlantic City—you know that movie? That Louis Malle movie with Art Carney and Susan Sarandon? One of the big scenes in the movie is with Art Carney, this old man, looking out the window. He sees Susan Sarandon come home from work, and she washes her tits in the kitchen sink. She also has humongous tits. Anyway, that’s what I was thinking. [laughs]

That’s what inspired it.
Yeah. I really remember that scene.

Are girls in America more likely to say no to stuff like this than the girls you met on your tour in Europe?
There was one Italian girl on the tour, Juliana, who I asked to do the same thing—because she had the boobs too—and she was like, “No way.” I asked, “Can you wash your feet?” “No way.” Then I asked, “Can you wash your face?” She finally washed her face, but she was freaking out the whole time we were shooting. She’d never done anything like this, and as we were shooting she became more and more disturbed.

She started to think about her dad and stuff.
Yeah. Her dad actually called while we were shooting and I think that's when it really hit her.

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