VICE Exclusive: Eartheater Gets Naked and Melts into a Bed of Weed in Her New Video

The video is for the song "Put a Head in a Head" off of the electronic artist's new album, 'Metalepsis.'

Mar 10 2015, 4:10pm

Some people really like pot. Alexandra Drewchin must be one of those people, or she's really trying to win over the stoner demographic, because this video from her electronic project Eartheater shows the artist naked in a big bed of nugs. The song is called "Put a Head in a Head" and it's off Eartheater's new record, Metalepsis. The synths are drowning in reverb and the vocals are nearly unintelligible, and the demented atmosphere it conjures pairs nicely with the images of naked bodies melting in weed.

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