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Watch a Very Polite Alligator Crawl Up to a House and Ring the Door Bell

Gators—they're just like us.

by Helen Donahue
May 4 2016, 12:00pm

Video via ABC News

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In an effort to either get out of the heat or some kind of elaborate attempt at a terrifying ding-dong ditch, a very polite alligator wandered up to a home in South Carolina Monday morning and apparently tried to ring the doorbell, ABC affiliate WVIC reports.

The visit was caught on camera by Gary Rogers, a neighbor in the area, who was out walking his dog when he saw the giant reptile casually strolling along in the front yard.

"The gator was not aggressive at all," Rogers told WVIC. "He looked like he was really trying to make an attempt to get over the fence and into this woman's pool in the backyard."

Homeowner Jamie Bailey wasn't home during the gator visit and presumably wouldn't have answered if she were, since no good can come from finding a huge-ass gator on the porch, regardless of how polite he is. Although alligators aren't totally uncommon sightings in the neighborhood, Bailey told the news station she thought she was being pranked until she saw the scratch marks all over her front door.

Turns out when gators aren't out eating their friends, being thrown through fast food drive-thru windows, or domesticated and dressed in Baby Gap clothes, they're just strolling the neighborhood like the rest of us, looking to see if anyone wants to hang out. What a world.

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