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Police Are Trying to Figure Out Who Left a Human Heart in an Ohio Park

"It was fresh; it wasn't decomposed."

by Matthew James-Wilson
Sep 12 2016, 5:24pm

Image via Wikicommons and iPhone emoji

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After weeks of investigating, police are still trying to trace a human heart discovered in a field in Ohio back to its rightful owner, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Back in August, an EMS crew from a small town outside of Cleveland parked an ambulance next to a field and left to respond to a service call. When they got back about an hour later, the paramedics noticed a strange bag in the grass next to the truck. When they peeked inside the sack, they found what appeared to be a ripely dissected human heart, left for the crew like a little gift.

"It was fresh; it wasn't decomposed," local police chief Dave Light told the Norwalk Reflector. "The paramedics weren't sure what they had, so they called us."

No one is completely certain who the heart belonged to, or if it even belonged to a human at all—human hearts can look a whole lot like dog, pig, and chimpanzee hearts, so police took the loose muscle to both a coroner and a veterinarian to perform biopsies.

"They're 95 percent sure it was human," Light told the Reflector, "but they want to make 100 percent sure."

Ohio officials are currently waiting to get the reports back from both the biopsies. So far, no one has stepped forward to claim the missing heart or to report some kind of freaky Blue Velvet scenario.

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