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Here’s Ricky Eat Acid’s Unnerving but Also Incredibly Soothing Video for “Never Alone In A Dark Room”

For an optimum viewing experience, watch alone in a dark room.

by Emma Garland
Oct 31 2016, 3:13pm

Ricky Eat Acid knows how to do a lot with what feels like a little. A largely ambient project from Maryland polymath Sam Ray, each release is like an emotional scrapbook made up of agile electronics, warm textures and found samples. His sophomore record (or fourteenth, depending on how far back in Bandcamp history you care to venture) Talk To You Soon came out a few days ago and I'm not being dramatic when I say it may contain healing properties. It contains every mood, from "stoned in the bath" to "screaming along to extreme metal duo Wreck and Reference, ugh, life." You should listen to it!

Anyway, right now we're premiering the video for "Never Alone In A Dark Room," which lands on the "stoned in the bath" end of the spectrum. Teased out ahead of the album's release, the track is subtle, steady and intimate. The kind of thing you would listen to in a dark room to feel less alone, incidentally. The video basically takes that concept and presents it in visual fragments: cigarette smoke, bank notes rolled up next to a bible, bloodied hands, eerie shots of the moon, lots of darkness—that sort of thing. It's a little unnerving, a little soothing and extremely beautiful.

Watch the video below and read our interview with Sam from earlier this year.

Talk To You Soon is out now on Terrible Records.

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