The Kingdom Hearts DLC Makes Just As Much Sense as the Rest of the Series

Lore Reasons is back to untangle the new DLC.
February 11, 2020, 8:04pm
Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind trailer, Sora and Kairi hold hands in the Final World
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Like Xehanort and his various vessels standing atop pillars of rock, the Lore Reasons crew has reconvened to talk about the latest entry into the expansive Kingdom Hearts mythos. The structure of the new Re Mind DLC left most of the crew cold, even if some moments and combat sections were legitimately joyous. None of us played Limit Cut, the gauntlet of boss fights, but we do a live watch of the secret endings and discuss their odd origins. Come join us for one last dive, and remember: May your heart be your guiding key! You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

Excerpt (and podcast) contains Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC

Austin: The way that fight finishes in the original game is you get that big fight against super armored Xehanort in the big arena when everything folds in and does the Inception shit.

Patrick: With the water?

Austin: Well, no. It's like when the city folds in on itself? I guess the water might be there, too.

Patrick: I think you go underwater at some point during that fight, or you can go underwater during a phase of it.

Austin: Oh, right. But that doesn't happen here and instead–

Patrick: You have the big group fight.

Austin: Oh! Which is new.

Natalie: Yes!

Cado: Yeah, that is new.

Austin: And I kinda like it.

Patrick: It's legitimately cool looking, aesthetically.

Natalie: This is the best part of the entire game, imo.

Austin: Well, part of it speaks to the thing you talked about before. I want to see these characters fighting, without it being Sora who saves the day secretly. I want to see them fucking stand up and fight.

Cado: Right,

Natalie: Yeah!

Patrick: And be together, right?

Austin: Yeah!

Patrick: It's constantly a series that, for some reason, doesn't recognize [its strengths]. It's fun to take characters apart so they can have journeys and experience growth on their own. But the moments where they [come together], this sequence shouldn't be an anomaly, and it's so cool to see them all together. It also better emphasizes the differences between like their different skill sets and power sets–

Natalie: Totally.

Patrick: Even the mechanics of doing the the bubble that blocks [the enemies'] attacks, it's fucking cool! It's very novel combat sequence.

Austin: I do wish one of the women were not on magic defense duty.

Patrick: True!

Austin: I wish it didn't breakdown into that stereotype.

Patrick: Almost like Nomura by accident is constantly is saying something about himself in this series.

Austin: Yeah, revealing his biases all the time. Mickey is in that crew, to be clear, not just the three women and then the four dudes or whatever, but it would have been dope. I'm sorry, It's Aqua, and Xion and Mickey are on defense. It would have been cool to have Aqua on offense, she kicks ass.

Natalie: Yeah, she's also hella strong.

Austin: Yes.

Cado: Honestly, Xion's the one that I feel is [off], because it's the magic group. And Xion's more–

Natalie: Xion's more–

Austin: She's slashy!

Cado: She's got two fuckin' keyblades!

Austin: Yeah, you're totally right. That's her whole thing. But that fight is still cool, that fight visually is great.

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