We Discuss How Gaming and Politics Went Hand-in-Hand in 2017

From Trump to labor disputes, 2017 was a year in which it was impossible to talk about video games without considering politics.

by Patrick Klepek
Dec 26 2017, 5:00pm

Image courtesy of Square Enix. Header design by Janine Hawkins

Welcome to Waypoint's Pantheon of Games, a celebration of our favorite games, a re-imagining of the year's best characters, and an exploration of the 2017's most significant trends.

One of the big reasons Waypoint exists was to create a space where it was not only accepted to talk about games and politics, but encouraged. That we stumbled into a year where politics dominated every conversation, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, only underscored our point. To take a closer look at the intersection of gaming and politics in 2017, Austin, Rob, Danielle, and myself gathered around their microphones.

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