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I’m So Desperate for ‘Half-Life 3’ I’m Playing This ‘Final Fantasy XV Half-Life Pack’

Pre-order the upcoming RPG on Steam to play as Gordon Freeman.

by Matthew Gault
Feb 22 2018, 3:11pm

Valve may never put out Half-Life 3, but at least you can wield a crowbar in the upcoming PC release of Final Fantasy XV. Developer Square Enix announced today that fans who pre-purchase the upcoming game on Steam will get a Gordon Freeman suit for Noctis—the game’s main character.

Noctis will cut his hair short to don the suit and can even put on the silent scientist’s glasses and wield a crowbar. Square Enix has also promised a multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV where anyone who owns the Gordon Freeman suit can use it as their avatar.

Each digital store has its own special pre-order bonuses. Purchasing the game from the Microsoft store comes with a defense busting sword and in-game power ups. Players pre-ordering through EA’s Origin store will get decals for Noctis’ car. Those are fine, but none of them are Gordon Freeman.

This news comes ahead of the PC demo for Final Fantasy XV, which launches on February 26. The full game hits stores on March 6 and the bonuses are available to anyone who buys the game before May 1.

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