A List of Stuff That Took Less Time than The 'Endless' Vinyl Took To Ship

"Despacito"'s tenure at Number One, dog gestation periods, your last relationship.

by Lauren O'Neill
Apr 10 2018, 2:03pm

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Per Reddit, people are finally getting the damn Endless vinyl copies they ordered back on November 27, 2017. This means it took the vinyl and the other Endless merch (VHS tapes and CDs) just over four months to ship. And while Frank Ocean is no stranger to making fans wait for the good shit, this is, admittedly, quite a long time. So here's a bunch of stuff that takes less time than the Endless vinyl took to ship:

A dog pregnancy


You can cook up some newborn puppies in a shorter time than it took the Endless vinyl to ship. For your information, the normal gestation period for dogs is 58 to 65 days. Thank you.

The 2017 UK general election campaign

Theresa May announced the election on 17 April 2017 and it took place on June 8. It was literally the longest eight weeks in the UK's collective consciousness and yet. It simply did not take as long as the Endless vinyl took to ship.

Fucking Love Island

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I remember basically nothing about last summer except for Love Island, which is a British TV show where young, attractive people are put in a Spanish villa to fuck and argue. I was not a contestant on Love Island, but I do remember everything about it because I allowed it to completely absorb my life for seven weeks. I would cancel plans to watch Love Island. Anyway the point is: it ran from June 5 until July 24, which is still less time than it took for the Endless vinyl to ship.

The length of time "Despacito" spent at the top of the Billboard Hot 100

This honestly did feel like years, didn't it? But actually it was only 16 weeks. By my count the Endless vinyl took about 18 weeks to ship in all.

Your last relationship

LOL! Good one :')

Seriously though when was the last time you didn't get bored of someone after, ooh, about ten weeks tops? And it's not like you ever actually called it a "relationship" or anything but you did spend quite a lot of time at their flat and you bought them their favorite food when they were sad after work once and they gave you that book but. Nahhhhhhh. Didn't really go anywhere, you started noticing that they were rude to people who served you in restaurants and the sex wasn't actually that good. Lasted for less time than the Endless vinyl took to ship, didn't it?

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