This Is How It Feels to Finally Own a Home

At first you'll feel totally overwhelmed—and then something else happens.

Apr 26 2018, 7:38pm

With home prices soaring across the country, the dream of home ownership may feel even further out of reach for anyone looking to buy this year. The smart money move is to sit tight, pay off any other debt, and keep saving for a down payment until the market cools off, but it never hurts to remember why you wanted a place of your own to begin with.

In the third episode of Real State, entrepreneur Lisette Elhayani talks about her struggle to find and afford her home in Los Angeles. "The process of getting a house can feel a little overwhelming," says the event producer and creative director. "You have a moment of 'what did I just take on?' and then that quickly passes and before you know it you have this beautiful moment of 'Wow, we did it.'"