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Even Stoned Out of Their Minds, Leos Desperately Need Attention

Leos dominate smoke sesh convos and love to spend money on fancy weed accessories.

by Sophie Saint Thomas
Apr 16 2018, 5:04pm

We consulted astrologers on how each sign can get as high as the stars. Read about the other signs here.

The Lion is the life of the party.

During a smoke sesh, Leos are the ones dominating conversation, and if they ever take a moment for introspection, they manage to hold everyone’s attention as they stare off into the distance. Their hair always looks fab, even when it’s messy from stoned sex. Leos enjoy being the center of attention. They may be the one who brought the weed, or the one everyone just wants to blaze with. Astrologer Caitlin McGarry says that they’re the giggliest of all stoners. Beyond good jokes, Leos come with good weed. "They like that fancy shit and high-grade edibles. One time, a Leo gave me a crumble of a cookie and I swear I was tripping for 48 hours," McGarry says. Indeed, Leos can be materialistic and crave fancier products. "They love their things, stereotypically, so maybe they have like a really fancy bong or vaporizer, something state of the art. They want only the best," horoscope writer Randon Rosenbohm says.

That being said, Leos love individuality and are proud of who they are. While a big, bold, deliciously smelly name-brand strain matches their personality, other factors—like THC and CBD levels or strain type—are likely to change depending on the Leo. But Leos are likely to know what works for them. They have their favorites, but they’re also always done for some fun. While a Leo may crack a joke about someone passing schwag around the party, they will partake and have a good time.

Stoner Superlative: Most likely to spend money on weed

Best Strain: Hawaiian Punch (uplifting sativa)

Worst Strain: Bubblegum Kush (lazy indica)

Best Way to Get High: A flashy bong

Best High Activity: Steal the spotlight from the host at a party

Recommended Product: Roor bong