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Jubilee and Astrolith Talk Eyeball Emojis and Weird Social Media Exchanges on The Pre-Game

The pair chat in the studio before tonight's 'Magic City' release party at Brooklyn's Good Room club.

by Jubilee
May 31 2017, 7:54pm

Brooklyn's Astrolith is a man of many talents. He makes his own shapeshifting electronic music, DJs, plays live, and collaborates in many people's studios producing and working with rappers and singers like Cakes Da Killa and Spank Rock.

On the latest episode of The Pre-Game, right as Jubilee gears up to celebrate her new Magic City compilation—which includes a new track from Astrolith—tonight at Brooklyn's Good Room club, he also proves he's pretty good at talking. The pair chat about being immersed in music 24/7, the strangeness of the eyeball emoji, and social media in New York versus other cities. They also discuss contacting fans and other musicians through socials—having a nice laugh about how awkward those exchanges often are. If you're here in NYC and want to see these homies live, RSVP for the party right here.


1. Orlando - "Cute"
2. Mess Kid - "Body Kit"
3 .Olive T -" 270 Degrees"
4. Free Magic - "404 143
5.Happy Colors - "Palante"
6. Opus III - "It's a Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)"
7. Proper Villains - "Spazzmatik Bass"
8. Mobilegirl - "Vivibass"
9. Katie Rex - "Pressure"

1. Ludacris - "Roll Out (Wheez-ie Remix)"
2. Untold - "Dolphin Tag (#MC3)"
3. Astrolith - "????? (Dub)"
4. Busta Rhymes - "PYHWMECS (Wheez-ie Remix)"
5. Astrolith - "Ultragel (#MC3)"
6. Jubilee - "Stingray Shuffle (Astrolith's Back Then Edit)"
7. Headhunter - "Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix) (Tempa)"
8. Lemonick - "Wheelspin (Dance System Remix) (Space Is The Place Dub)"
9. DJ Stingray - "The Strategy of Tension (Presto!?)"
10. Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - "Strange Touch (My House) (Sound Pellegrino)"
11. Kraftwerk - "Computer Liebe"