We Take on Horror at Home in 'Devotion' and Scary Stunts in 'Trials Rising'

Plus, we got ships on the seas, boats in the breeze.
February 26, 2019, 12:12am
Trials Rising
Trials Rising image courtesy Ubisoft

We’re sailing into new territories on Waypoint Radio 222, with Captain Natalie at the helm, and Rob, Patrick, and Danielle along for a wild ride of mixed metaphors and new game scuttlebutt. Admiral Rob has a non-digital game to regale us about in Empire of the Sun. Commander Patrick has plenty of Anthem thoughts and notions on the Trials franchise, while First Mate Danielle has stories about Trials Rising and a very effective horror game in Devotion. Finally, Captain Natalie has a truly harrowing and exciting tale for us all in her Apex Legends segment.

Ahoy! And enjoy.

N.B. We recorded this in the morning, before there was a lot more news around Devotion, including its hopefully-temporary removal from Steam. We did get into the review-bombing campaign against it, but a lot more developed after we recorded.

Discussed: Anthem, Empire of the Sun, Devotion, Trials Rising, Apex Legends

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