Photographs That Show You How to KonMari Your Life This Spring

Photographer Jessica Pettway and prop stylist Sara Schipani bring us a series of images to activate your spring cleaning routine.

by Jessica Pettway and Sara Schipani
Mar 27 2019, 4:47pm

Whether you live in a 300-square-foot apartment or a townhouse, cleaning anything—even the thought of that one glass in the sink that "isn't really dirty"—can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. So how do we handle an even bigger clean-out that this season calls for? No fear—we found a way to spice up your spring cleaning routine!

We're turning your most hated chores into your chest dreams. Finally clean off that plate sitting in the sink from six takeout orders ago, mop and dust in extravagant style, and KonMari your desktop so you can actually use it! Is this actually helpful? Maybe. Is it chic? Definitely. So get yourself the World's Smallest Vacuum, and suck up every last crumb on that overpriced area rug you maxed our your credit card for. We can't wait to see the results.

All photographs by Jess Pettway and Sara Schipani


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Still Life
Jessica Pettway
spring cleaning
Sara Schipani