We Asked Our Moms What a 'Softboi' Is. The Results Were Incredible

"Did you eat one at work?"
August 29, 2019, 7:16pm
Composite image by VICE Staff; original image by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Last week, the VICE UK team brought the explainer so many of us have craved: the A-Z of the "softboi," a list of things all too familiar to anyone who knows dudes who wear tiny rolled up beanies even at the peak of the summer. It broke down the telltale signs of the softboi, from his well-worn Doc Martens to his unshakable obsession with Charles Bukowski. But while the softboi might be obvious for a certain generation, what of our elders?

That's where our Snapchat team comes in. They asked teens via Snapchat to pose a question to their moms to answer without Google's help: Do you know what a softboi is? While we can't say their responses are exactly enlightening, it's a good reminder that, sometimes, moms really are the best.

A lot of moms seemed to think it had something to do with eggs.

Others thought it had to do with weight.

Some moms were just not really having it.

Some moms were, uhhh, a little more TMI than their teens might hope.

One mom somehow knew too much.

And finally, shout out to this mom, who was more than a little self-aware.