Daily Horoscopes: January 6, 2019

Uranus ends its retrograde today.

Jan 5 2019, 11:00pm

The moon in Capricorn meets with the planet of the underworld, Pluto, at 7:12 AM, finding us deep in our emotions. Watch out for obsessive thoughts! Plenty of unexpected shifts take place this weekend. Not only was there a solar eclipse in Capricorn yesterday, but at 3:26 PM today electric Uranus ends its retrograde—all planets are now direct! Surprises are in the air. Unexpected emotions come up as the moon clashes with unruly Uranus at 10:56 PM.

All times EST.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

The moon is in your sign today, asking you to focus on self-care. Plenty of shifts take place at home as Uranus ends its retrograde—a big renovation, move, or change in your personal life is taking place.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

Your ruling planet Uranus ends its retrograde in Aries today, Aquarius, bringing exciting news your way! Just don’t overbook yourself—the moon is in Capricorn and you need to catch up on rest.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

Uranus ends its retrograde today, bringing some shake-ups to your finances. Be cautious when it comes to your resources—not just cash, but also your time and energy. The moon in Capricorn finds you eager to connect with friends.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

Wild card Uranus ends its retrograde in your sign, Aries, today! You’re ready to make some fantastic, even unexpected, changes. You can be very impulsive, so it’s important that you keep that side of yourself in check today.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

The moon is in fellow earth sign Capricorn today encouraging you to look at the big picture. Keep your plans flexible today: Unexpected changes come up thanks to Uranus ending its retrograde! Make time for rest.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

This weekend is all about change, Gemini. You’re always eager to try something new, however, things are shifting dramatically. Unexpected emotions are bubbling to the surface for you. Watch out for drama in your social life and exciting chance meetings.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You’re focused on your relationships today, thanks to the moon in your opposite sign Capricorn. Lots of changes to your work and public life take place this weekend as Uranus ends its retrograde.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Thrilling adventures are on their way, Leo! Excitement is in the air, thanks to Uranus ending its retrograde. Unexpected news and a breakthrough in understanding takes place.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The moon is in fellow earth sign Capricorn today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules romance and creativity. Big shifts take place today. Now that Uranus is ending its retrograde, you’re making huge adjustments in your life, letting go of the past, and embracing new ideas. It’s time to face your fears!


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

This is an emotionally intense weekend, thanks to yesterday’s eclipse in Capricorn shaking things up in your home life. Plus, Uranus ends its retrograde today, bringing big changes to your partnerships!


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Keep your plans flexible, Scorpio! Uranus ends its retrograde today, which means unexpected surprises in your schedule abound. Exciting—and surprising—news comes your way, too, thanks to the moon in Capricorn.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

Exciting changes in your love life are taking place, but some shocks may come, too. An unexpected party invitation and a brilliant idea for a creative project are coming your way.

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