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Let K$UPREME Show You Around a Mansion in His Video for "Views"

The Lil Yachty-approved artist's latest visual is the kind of life we all wanna live.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 28 2018, 7:05pm

K$UPREME is a rapper based in Atlanta whose name you might know for running around with Lil Yachty's Sailing Team. The rapper and producer is sharing his video "Views," which was created with our partners at SoundCloud as part of the Noisey X SoundCloud Video Singles program. With "Views," the 22-year-old—who has until this point primarily made his way with clothes and as a producer—shows off his chops as a rapper, demonstrating why he might be the one up next in the Sailing Team, and also shows off why you should hang out with him, because if you do, you will hang out in mansions, and hanging out in mansions is a very good time. "Views" was directed by Stefan Dezil and the song is produced by ISOBeats.

Once you finish with "Views," make sure you listen to K$UPREME's Flex Muzik 2, released earlier this summer, which you can stream below. Oh, and make sure you come party with us in Los Angeles on September 5.

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