Watch This Guy Turn Jello Into a Knife

The quest continues to create knives out of anything.

by Jon Christian
May 21 2018, 7:19pm

In a new video, the YouTube blademaster at the channel Kiwami Japan turned ordinary jello snacks into a fearsome knife.

First, the host melts down about a dozen shot-sized jello snacks in a saucepan. Then he mixes the sludge with blue food coloring and gelatin, simmers for three hours, strains it into a shallow pan and cools it in a refrigerator. When he cuts the resulting jello sheet into a floppy knife shape and dehydrates it, it became startlingly rigid—and ready to be sharpened on a series of whetstones.

On camera, the host demonstrates the jello knife’s power by slicing sheets of paper and a cucumber. Then, to complete its life cycle, he heats a fresh saucepan, snaps the jello knife in half, melts it back into a blue liquid and pours the result back into the snack containers it came in originally.

This isn’t Kiwami’s first experiment with creating knives from unorthodox materials. The same channel has previously posted videos of knives made out of aluminum foil and even plastic wrap.