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17 Father's Day Recipes Because Oops, You Forgot to Make a Reservation

Be your own steakhouse.

by Munchies Staff
Jun 12 2019, 12:00pm

Photography by Heami Lee

Father's Day, like Christmas, comes just once a year, and yet, sometimes, you still don't pull it together enough to remember to take Dad out for dinner. You know what? That's fine: There are plenty of dishes you can master at home to make Dad remember that you really care. We've pulled together some of our favorite main dishes and the only accompaniments you really need, so you can quickly whip together a no-nonsense meal that still feels like a celebration. No matter what kinda food Dad's into, we've got your back.

We love a simple burger, but a special occasion calls for stepping it up a notch. The secret to this burger? Bacon onion jam.

Dad's the man, Matty Matheson's the man… sounds like as good a reason as any to make this Matty Matheson-approved steak.

For an extremely hungry dad or an extremely hungry crowd, the crawfish boil is the way to go. Watch chef Isaac Toups walk you through the how-to over on VICE Video.

For the dad that takes no BS, try this easy and delicious steak sandwich, full of nothing but the essentials.

Dad might not be a spring chicken anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't make this quick and easy main dish.

Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like a simple but perfectly cooked hunk of crispy, juicy meat.

With cheese sauce, homemade potato chips, and jammy tomatoes, this spin on a classic pairing will remind Dad that it's his day to celebrate.

This lasagna contains three whole pounds of mozzarella cheese. If that doesn't get Dad stoked, we're sorry.

Father's Day only happens once a year—might as well make a lobster.

If Dad loves chicken wings, he might love them even more if he knows they're homemade.

Who said Mother's Day had to be the brunch holiday? This savory, creamy breakfast will make everyone at the breakfast table happy.

Chicken cordon bleu is perfect as-is, but this variation adds zippiness from two kinds of mustard for the dad who likes a little kick.

When you want meat on the menu but want something that feels a little lighter, consider this simple shawarma-inspired chicken burger.

The Italian hero sandwich: the easiest way to tell Dad that he's, well, your hero.

This eggplant parm is so cheesy and hearty that it's basically a meal in itself, perfect for the vegetarian dad and the low-effort cook.

These simple dinner rolls go well with almost everything, so pick a meat, make a batch of these, and Father's Day dinner is served.

We once ran a takedown of the wedge salad, only to receive a rebuttal from the author's dad. The wedge salad: definitely dad-approved.

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