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Making Chicken Nuggets Is Way Easier Than You'd Think

Who needs fast food chains when you can make your own nuggets?

by Munchies Staff
Aug 9 2017, 7:00pm

Chicken nuggets are everyone's childhood-reversion food, a perfect antidote to breakups, miserable work days, and anytime you just want to bathe in self pity and longing for the past. But there's one big problem with store-bought nuggets: They are the very definition of mystery meat, filled with God-only-knows-what-type of meat and a panoply of shelf-stabilizing chemicals. Even in our most self-loathing moments we don't want to put that stuff into our bodies—it's 2017 for chrissake.

RECIPE: Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Not a problem: these homemade chicken nuggets taste just like the stuff in your Happy Meal, circa 1999, but are filled with healthy ingredients that won't send you into a cycle of remorse and despair. If only we could tell you how to package them with a homemade Rugrats action figure, over which you and your siblings could argue until your mom threatens to take away your POG collection.

Actually, we'll get to work on that.

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