The Art of the Makeover | Perspectives, Erica Prince

We get a firsthand experience inside the Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist's colorful characters.

Nov 29 2016, 2:17pm
In our Perspectives video, a series on artists featured at  in Miami, we get a firsthand experience inside Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist 's  The project explores the aesthetic choices in creating a personal identity. Using architecture, interiors, domestic prototypes, and makeover techniques as vessels for this exploration, Prince ruminates on the ways in which trying on different personalities or versions of ourselves can be a reflection of our hopes and dreams, and that our essential cultural identities are indeed shaped by these choices we make. She says, "The are ultimately about choice—how we choose to be different versions of our self. When people see themselves differently, they are able to ask so many questions about who they really are, how they ended up here, where they are going." Prince will be transforming visitors at the fair in Miami.
PULSE Contemporary Art FairErica PrinceTransformational Makeovers.Transformational Makeovers

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