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A Closer Look At Guardians Of The Galaxy's Stellar Computer Interfaces

The computer interfaces in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' are just as beautifully designed as its aliens and explosions.
August 19, 2014, 6:00pm

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One of the more subtle effects of the computer age is that movies become a snapshot of the ways in which people think about interfaces. In 2002, the flashy touchscreens in Minority Report seemed impossible, for example, and now millions of people have them in their pockets. The creative thought processes involved in developing computer interfaces for modern movies has never been more important— not only do filmmakers want to avoid becoming dated as time goes on, but innovations in science fiction often come to influence actual products.

In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, this is no exception: for the sci-fi summer blockbuster, VFX house Territory Studio pulled out all the stops, creating a universe of beautifully visualized interfaces which are sure to be fondly remembered.

From the charming prison analytics in Guardians' first trailer to the detailed flight controls in Star Lord's many chase scenes, Territory Studio channels the beautiful data aesthetic currently reshaping the ways in which we deal with modern information. Graphs, charts, and statistics helpfully float alongside more obvious symbols (see above), contextualizing every interaction between a character and his or her computer. On top of that, artists often seamlessly integrate graphics into both the plots— and jokes— of the movie.

Watching the Territory Studio's user interface reel for Guardians (above) makes obvious the omnipresent— yet subtle— artistry involved in building imaginary interfaces. While it's possible that holo-touchpad aesthetics might not hold up forever— all bets are off once we're all creating art with brainwaves— the movie stands tall as a beautiful reflection designspiration.

Below, a timelapse of the creation process, plus some of our favorite images of Territory Studio's Guardians of the Galaxy user interfaces:

Check out more of Territory Studio's creative designs on the company's website.


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