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Behold the Poetry of Sir Walter Scott as a Projection-Mapped Timelapse

Double Take Projections remembers the 1715 Jacobite rising.

by Becky Chung
Feb 6 2015, 12:00am

Images courtesy the artists

It didn’t seem possible that the words of poet Sir Walter Scott could become more transcendent, but then again, no one's ever light painted the stanzas onto Buachaille Etive Beag, a mountain located in the Scottish Highlands. Recently, Scott’s “On the Massacre of Glencoe” was embedded onto the natural scenery of Glencoe by artists from Double Take Projections, who subsequently stitched the film into the timelapse footage viewable below. 

The poem is significant because it was chosen to reflect on the 300th anniversary of the 1715 Jacobite rising, a bloody time for the region. “I’ve always been interested in history but recognized the need to do something a bit different to get people’s attention and raise awareness of this chapter in Scotland’s history,” says David McConnachie, director of Double Take Projections.

Below, see the poem “On the Massacre of Glencoe” take on new layers of meaning in the setting of the history it references:

GIF by Beckett Mufson

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