Marcell Ozuna Snags a Climby-Twisty Catch at the Wall To Preserve No-Hitter

No-hitter maintained. For now.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 16 2017, 7:38pm

Mets infielder Wilmer Flores stepped to the plate in the fifth inning with the intent of wrecking the Marlins' perfect game so far, but Marcell Ozuna would be having none of that today, please and thank you. As Flores' deep fly seemed bound for the stands, Ozuna made a deadsprint for the wall and caught up with the ball. He even overshot his mark a bit, as he realized mid-climb, that he maybe he'd gone too far. But the ball was within reach, and his aim true, so he stretched out to secure the ball in its leather home. No-hitter maintained. For now.

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