Genie Bouchard Delivers on Twitter Bet, but Takes Date to See the Shitty Brooklyn Nets

John Goehrke, the bro who made a Super Bowl bet with Bouchard, got his date with the tennis star, but had to sit through a Nets game.

by Kyle Cantlon
Feb 16 2017, 6:36pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports Canada.

Genie Bouchard came through FTW.

The college bro who threw out a mid-game Super Bowl bet to the tennis star via Twitter earlier this month got his much-anticipated date on Wednesday.

The fan, now revealed as 20-year-old student John Goehrke, got one-on-one with the former Wimbledon finalist after he flew in from Missouri to meet his blind date on Wednesday afternoon. Bouchard, who was in New York for events relating to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (in which she appears), posted a video of her and Goehrke sitting courtside together at the Barclays Center as the Brooklyn Nets took on the Milwaukee Bucks.

The only visible downfall of the evening, it seems, is that the couple had to spend three hours watching the Brooklyn Nets attempt to play basketball. They're the worst team in the NBA with a 9-47 record, have lost 14 straight games, gone 1-23 since the calendar flipped to 2017, and couldn't even pull one out as Bouchard and her arm candy sat front row to witness the Nets lose to the Bucks by four.

But Goehrke probably isn't complaining too much. The student from St. Louis, Missouri, was asked by YES network if he legitimately thought the date with the world's 42nd-ranked women's tennis player would ever actually happen.

"No, I didn't really expect her to agree to it. And then when she contacted me and all the plans started falling into place, I was surprised," he said.

Bouchard was asked how the blind date was going from her perspective, she responded:

"It's going great, he's, um, he's normal! It's awesome. I was a little bit worried because his Twitter profile picture was a picture of Tiger Woods, so I thought 'Oh my god he's one of those super fans, I don't even know what he looks like,'" she quipped.

"But he's awesome, he's such a sports fan and we're getting to know each other, it's great."

As the Atlanta Falcons were up 21-0 in the first half during Super Bowl 51 earlier this month, Bouchard took to Twitter and proclaimed that she "knew" Atlanta was going to win the game. That's when a thirsty and opportunistic fan, who went by the screen name Punslayin Tiger Woods and was later revealed as Goehrke, promptly jumped the opportunity to turn his confidence in Tom Brady's mastery of the game of football into a date with the 22-year-old tennis pro.

"If Patriots win we go on a date?" Goehrke tweeted at Bouchard, who responded with an emphatic "sure." Well after Tom Brady did Tom Brady things and powered the Patriots to a stunning comeback win, Goehrke also sealed a victory for himself and the common fan.

And if Bouchard stays true to her word again, a second date is on the horizon.