Cavs Complete Like A Million Passes, Might Be An Actual Team

This team-oriented Cavs just might be something to fear yet.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 18 2016, 12:16am

The Cleveland Cavaliers are known for being a thrown-together basketball team. It's like someone took some random decent-to-good players, stapled them to LeBron James' deltoids, threw some cash in the space between them, hoped it would stop bleeding, and called it a basketball team. They've witnessed a couple near locker room breakdowns, including some random (not-so) cryptic tweets from LeBron to his teammates, and they fired coach David Blatt basically because he wouldn't let LeBron be coach. You catching a theme here?

And yet, despite all of this, they still seem to be pretty good at basketball. In today's first round Eastern Conference playoffs between the No. 1 Cavs and the No. 8 Pistons, there was a stretch of passes that seemed almost too good to be true. They wore out the shot clock with a series of 10 passes that sent the Pistons defense running, finally settling on Dellavedova for a deep two. It was, as if for a brief moment, they knew how to gel as a team. And just in time for the Playoffs. This team-oriented Cavs just might be something to fear yet.