Angry Coyotes Fan Uses Taser on Glendale Mayor (For Charity!)

Ronda Pearson, the Coyotes fan who berated the Mayor of Glendale at a city council meeting, got to tase him at a charity event.

by Sean Newell
Jun 14 2015, 8:46pm

When last we saw Ronda Pearson, she was berating Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers during a city council meeting. Pearson was upset the city voted to cancel its 15-year lease agreement with the Arizona Coyotes and used her time in front of the podium to shame the mayor and the rest of the city council. Yesterday, she got to hit the mayor with a taser.

Weiers was tased as part of a charity event, in which he agreed to the stunt if donors were able to raise $10,000 for a first responders charity. It was a close call, but apparently an anonymous donor contributed several thousand dollars at the last minute to reach the $10,000 mark. And so, in the United States of America as currently constituted in 2015, we watched an elected official willingly get tased by a member of the public who was wearing hockey sweater with a cartoon coyote on it, and we were able to read the following sentences.

Bea Wyatt, another Coyotes fan who helped with the fundraising, said she saw the mayor get tased.
"I have to give credit to the mayor," she said. "He said he would do it."
When asked if she had a newfound respect for the mayor for staying true to his word, she said, "My original opinion of the mayor is intact."

It would be natural to assume the mayor's shrieks are due to the electric current running through his body, but it's also possible the noise was the last gasp of the Great American Experiment before collapsing into a heap of rubble and dust.

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