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A Chinese Photographer May Have Made the Perfect GoPro Stand

Gorillapod, your days are numbered.

by Clinton Nguyen
Nov 9 2015, 9:57pm

Ruogu Zhou, a Chinese inventor, has come up with a cheap and rather elegant solution to GoPro tripods: a polyhedral stand. Zhou started an Indiegogo campaign for SLOPES, a small and compact stand that allows you to position your GoPro in as many as 20 different positions.

What's ingenious about the stand is that it marks off common angles: 10º, 30º, 40º, and 45º, and you can adjust for negative or positive (high or low angles) by turning the GoPro in the opposite direction.

The only setback SLOPES has is that it's pretty much spartan by design: you're either going to buy it for those five angles and portability alone or else you're going to get an adjustable tripod. Or, it could catch on and someone could port it to a 3D printed model for a bit cheaper. (As of this writing, the $15 offer was sold out but the stand was still available for $18 and $25.) Either way: it's a nifty, cheap way to stand your GoPro up if you have a flat surface to stick it on.