The 101 Most Vital Tracks of 2014 | 60 - 51

I wanna dance, I wanna dance, I wanna dance with you.

by THUMP Staff
Dec 17 2014, 8:30pm


60. Mike Mago & Dragonette : "Outlines" [Spinnin']

When Mike Mago brings in some breathy, upbeat vocals from Dragonette's Martina Sorbara they make a tune that colors giddily outside the lines. "Outlines" effortlessly soundchecks 80s New Wave and 90s vocal house to such uplifting effect you don't realize how sad the lyrics are. Yay! -DG


59. RAC featuring Matthew Koma : "Cheap Sunglasses" (Viceroy Remix) [Cherrytree/Interscope]

Purveyor of all things feel-good, we would be remiss to leave out Viceroy's remix the feelsy duo of RAC & crooner-dude Matthrew Koma. Throw it - and your sunglasses – on, and take a trip to the beach. Just like Viceroy's Souncloud says: Summertime. All The Time. -DC


58. SBTRKT : "Hold On" [Young Turks]

The plunky piano, subtropical beat and pleading vocals make this ode to reconciliation the perfect soundtrack to your next near brush with break up. Keep it in your back pocket for make up mix takes. - MGL


57. Tove Lo : "Habits" (Hippie Sabotage Remix)
Keys N Krates : "Stay High" (Tove Lo Flip)

Had it not been for Hippie Sabotage, Tove Lo's "Habits" might have languished in the back of the major label medicine cabient. The California duo brought ears to the pop tune, making it a rave hit before it hit the charts. Still, their work is predated by the Keys N Krates flip, a bootleg that at first irritated Lo's handlers until they realized: Tis better to feed the addiction rather than cut the world off cold turkey. -ZM

56. Rustie featuring Danny Brown : "Attak" [Warp]

When Rustie revealed that he had collaborated with Detroit rapper Danny Brown, few were surprised, but nobody knew quite what to expect. The verdant fruit of their labors, "Attak," surpasses the hype and shines through as one of Green Language's strongest tracks. -ZR

55. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo featuring Janai : "Signs" [UItra]

Though this might be one of the softer tunes the duo have colluded on, it's a celebration of the fact that they're making it in this music biz! Birmingham has always been a center of a certain bassline thing and now that it's going global, Wants and Lorenzo are repping their 'hood admirably (even if this one is more Balearic than Brum). -JK


54. Sam Smith : "Money on My Mind" (MK Remix) [Capitol Records] 

Clearly having fun, MK gives Sam Smith a house re-rub, throwing the Two Inch Punch-produced original to the middle of the floor sometime around 3am. A piano you didn't notice before is suddenly your anchor to reality. Money? No. Nothing is on your mind. -ZM


53. Tiësto featuring Matthew Koma : "Wasted" [Musical Freedom]

From an album of duds came this boozy winner by Tiësto. It sounds nothing like him, due in no small part to Matthew Koma's singing and songwriting contributions. In fact, the chorus in particular makes "Wasted" so un-Tiësto, it's a sign he might want to look into a career as a popstar if the whole DJ thing doesn't work out. -ZR

52. ODESZA featuring Zyra : "Say My Name" [Counter]

From the opening chirps, it's clear that "Say My Name" has something big in store. Yes, there's an epic chorus and shimmery upper-octave synth runs but it's the rough and syncopated percussion underpinning Zyra's "oh yeahs" that give this tune an edge and affirm ODESZA's next-big-thing status. -ZM


51. Dusky: "Love Taking Over" [Aus Music]

Dusky have kept us glued to the dancefloor with every release, even if they're not as frequent as we'd like. Still, love—in the form of house—took over our souls and our soles in this one with the deepest of vibes. -OS

Words by THUMP Staff: Zel McCarthyJemayel KhawajaMichelle LhooqDavid GarberZiad RamleyJosh BainesOlyvia Salyer, Dylan Coburn, Meghan Logue and Joel Fowler

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