The 'Destiny' Fans Who Helped a Dying Man Achieve His Dream

After years of cancer, Mike Mariana was sick, tired, and nauseous. But that didn't stop a group of friends (and strangers) from helping him to a personal finish line.
March 14, 2017, 5:30pm

When Mike Mariana played Destiny, he would often put the controller down, wait for the nausea to pass, and curse his chemotherapy treatments. But soon enough, he'd be zipping around again, hoping this would be The Run, when he made it to Destiny's fabled Lighthouse, a glittering location on Mercury, cast in a golden light. It's a place very few Destiny players see because it's incredibly hard to get there.

But Mike was determined.

In the game, The Lighthouse is described as "a beautiful place, and forbidding," a private, exotic locale "ornamented extensively with fabrics and ritual objects of unknown provenance." It was meant for a special group of visitors, a rare treat.

You get to The Lighthouse by passing the Trial of Osiris, where you must win nine multiplayer matches in a row. Despite their best efforts, Mike and his buddies couldn't pull it off. It was was a race against time, too; Mike had cancer. In desperation, as Mike began to emotionally struggle with his condition, his friends reached out to  _Destiny_streamer who specializes in guiding folks there. He agreed to help.

"I wanted to see if I could make a man who had been battling something attacking him from the inside turn into a kid again," said streamer Ben "Dr Lupo" Lupo.

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