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Garden Lettuce Wraps Are Easy, Pretty, and Will Spare You Some Dirty Dishes

We made these easy little wraps with mustard greens, but use whatever lettuce you have handy, and fill them with yogurt and fresh herbs.

by Becky Hughes
Jun 23 2016, 10:00pm

Versatile, healthy, and virtually dirty-dish-free—salad rolls are a veritable recipe trifecta. Pretty, too, especially if you tie yours up with a chive and a few edible flowers. Is "quadfecta" a word?

Semantics aside, these mustard greens filled with yogurt and radish are a winning combination. Appropriately, the recipe comes from easy, breezy, and beautiful urban farming pioneer Anasatia Cole Plakias, vice president and founding partner of Brooklyn Grange. She whipped up these rolls after looting our rooftop garden and winging it in our test kitchen. Plakias' first iteration of the recipe was born from necessity; she was hosting a party sans-silverware and decided to make her salad hand-held. Game changer.

RECIPE: Mustard Green, Radish, and Yogurt Wraps

In the spirit of urban farming, you can throw just about anything into these rolls. Whatever you grew on your windowsill, whatever's in season, whatever's about to wilt in the back of your fridge. It's a party-saving, low-labor finger food, and a smart bet for your next gathering.