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MUNCHIES Presents: Parachute

Eat your way through Seoul with Parachute, one of the best restaurants in Chicago.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 7 2016, 11:00am

Seoul, Korea is one of the most exciting and delicious food destinations in the world. What better way to experience it than with a group of incredible chefs? After a series of random events, Beverly Kim and John Clark met, got married, had a child, and then opened Chicago's beloved Korean-American restaurant, Parachute. Although Korean food and culture is what initially brought the couple together, they were never able to travel to Korea together. In January, they took their entire team to Korea on a culinary adventure. We followed them on their trip through Seoul and Hwacheon, a small town on the border of North Korea, where John's cooking mentor currently lives. This wasn't only a research trip for the Parachute team, but a way to connect deeper to the rich culture surrounding Korean cuisine.

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