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This Hand-Carved Daikon Radish Chain Is Blowing Our Minds

The unnamed creator was, apparently, just really bored.

by Nick Rose
Jan 26 2017, 4:00pm

When some chefs get bored, they smoke, drink, or fuck the boredom away. But others use their spare time on more creative enterprises, like practicing their knife skills and turning vegetables into intricate food sculptures.

That is the essence of the magic captured by Japanese Twitter user @Zoe_Aishiteru, who uploaded a picture of a perfectly executed daikon chain crafted by an unnamed but clearly very skilled chef.

The daikon chain pic has amassed a whopping 55,000 retweets and 69,000 likes since being shared and it left many wondering how such a feat is technically possible. And to think, it all just stemmed from kitchen boredom. "The head chef gave me this daikon he cut up for fun because he was bored lol," the caption says, according to RocketNews24.

Though it's unclear whether the chef was actually bored or just wanted to impress the Twitter user, it's clear that people are fascinated by vegetables—especially carrots and daikon—being carved into things that don't look like vegetables. Look no further than the other "bored" chefs uploading their creations to YouTube.

You could argue that there is always something to be done in a restaurant kitchen, and that sculpting may not be the best use of paid time, but hey—at least it looks cool.

And who says that it's just chefs who can kill time this way? Why not impress your office crush with a daikon chain of admiration in your spare time? You're welcome for the pro tip.