The Best Fancy Gifts to Blow Your Holiday Bonus On

'Tis the season to max out your credit card.

Nov 21 2016, 9:00pm


'Tis the season to give and get gifts. But why stick to stale candy canes stuck in a stained mug that says "World's #2 Dad" when you could get something that, well,
suck? To wit, we here at MUNCHIES have tirelessly racked our greasy brains to compile the best food-related gifts on planet Earth, and quite possibly the universe. Behold, The MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide.



Holiday Turkish Coffee Gift Basket

Sema Bal is a Turkish coffee messenger—it's like reading tea leaves, but more caffeinated. For a couple hundred bucks, she'll spend an hour predicting your future based on the leftover sludge in your mug, plus she'll throw in a set of teacups, her book, and her speciality blend Turkish coffee... everything you need to practice at home after your reading. ($200)

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PicoBrew Pico

The Keurig of beers—yep, we all knew this was coming. You can order "PicoPaks" from breweries all over the world, pop one in the machine, and, within a week, you've got a nice little keg of craft beer. ($800)

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Taxidermied Squirrel Booze

Nothing says "I appreciate you" like a taxidermied squirrel stuffed with a bottle of beer. Except for a $20k taxidermied squirrel stuffed with a 55 percent ABV bottle of beer. ($20,000)

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This super-sleek wine cooler will preserve nice bottles of wine even after you open them, so you can chip away at that expensive Chardonnay glass-by-glass. Plum can also read the label on any bottle and bring it to the exact serving temperature that the winemakers intended. ($1,500)

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Single-Malt Auchentoshan Scotch from 1966

This 44-year-old bottle of Scotch costs over $4k. Does it taste more expensive than a $200 bottle? There's only one way to find out. ($4,000)

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Pantry Cheese Grotto

Apparently, shoving a bunch of Ziploc bags full of cheese into your vegetable crisper is a no-go. If you want to do your cheese justice, you can keep a tiny cheese grotto (created by Jessica Sennett of Cowgirl Creamery and Bedford Cheese Shop) in your kitchen—a soaked clay slab keeps the box at a cave-like moisture level. ($350)

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Korin Nenox Red Bone Handle Yo-Deba

Besides being gorgeous, this bad boy is seriously strong—ideal for butchering through bones and frozen-solid food. ($650)

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Korin Inox Black Handle Yo-Deba

For something a little less heavy-duty, Korin's Special Inox knife does the trick—it cuts and feels like a carbon steel knife, but without the maintainence. ($278)

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Défoncé Weed Chocolate

Défoncé is French for "stoned," which is what you'll be after a piece of this beautifully designed, cannabis-infused chocolate. The cocoa and the cannabis both "exhibit terroir"—perfect for the dessert and/or weed snob in your life. *Only available in states where weed is legalized. ($20)

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