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DJ Haus is Back with a Retina Burning New Video

The Unknown to the Unknown chieftain wants to melt your eyeballs.
February 6, 2015, 8:49pm

Does DJ Haus ever stop? After smashing Boiler Room earlier this week with some of the other members of the Unknown to the Unknown Crew - Palace, Rushmore, Fools and Murlo - he's getting ready for the weekend with this monitor-wrecking retina burner.

Directed by Montreal based visual artist Sabrina Ratte this trippy promo takes you deep into the acid warped mind of the Hot Haus Recs main man. The track itself, part of his recently released Helta Skelta EP for the Dutch masters of 303-soaked smashers Clone Jack for Daze, is as out there as the video.

This one's for the crazy kids.

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